About I-Global Services

I-Global Services is one of the leading student consultancy institute of Bangladesh that providing the students proper counseling to study in the leading universities around the world since 2006. It also providing the students career consultancy and helping them to get job in the renowned companies worldwide.

I-Global Services, we understand that people come from different education backgrounds and may have different needs and concerns. I-Global Services puts its effort to value the time of our clients. I-Global Services has 16+ years of experience and specialized in overseas education consultancy in USA/UK/India/Europe/Malaysia/China/Australia. We are specialized in Canadian Student and Immigration processing. Our dedicated mentors and counselors are always ensuring that we give our students and clients the best possible training, advice and guidance and provide the highest standard of academic instruction and immigration advice at the most affordable fees. I-Global Services has strong ethical approach to business, it has already built an excellent profile and credibility within the education and immigration industry.

Throughout our journey we sent thousands of students around the globe for higher study. Today the developed countries are more flexible in providing permission to study in their country. At the same time the students of Bangladesh are getting more scope to study in those countries. Moreover, in our country, the scope of quality higher study is very short. For that the students of Bangladesh have a great opportunity to study renowned foreign universities around the world.   

From 2006, we are succeeding and we look forward to more successes in the coming years. We therefore invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience. I-Global Services has strong ethical approach to business, it has already built an excellent profile and credibility within the education and immigration industry.

I-Global Services have a wide connection with a lot of foreign universities around the globe. For that it is easier for the students to get admission under the I-Global services banner. We wish the students of Bangladesh a great success for their future study career. 

However, if you need any clarifications on any issue or if you require any more information, please call personally or telephone/e-mail our friendly staff who will assist you.

Md Mazharul Islam has been working in Immigration and education industry for the past 10+ years. He is a stalwart in his field of international education. Under his guidance, thousands of students, especially from Bangladesh, have earned higher education in Australia, with most of them currently pursuing a career of their choice in this country. Md Abu Shahadat has been an inspiration to thousands of young immigrants who yearn to be like him.

Md Mazharul Islam came to Canada 06 years ago from humble origins in Bangladesh. Mr Islam completing his Masters in Management from the University of Dhaka.  he started his Educational firm HBD Services in Sydney. His ethical and committed approach to students’ well-being earned him the title of messiah to scores of international students. Soon he expanded his business globally to Bangladesh and Malaysia with numerous collaborations in Europe, Canada and the US. Today he is a renowned personality in Sydney and is considered a father figure in the Bangladesh community in Australia.

His drive for growth didn’t stop at HBD Services. He is also a Director in various RTO’s where he oversees institution-wide development of better support for student learning, including our approach to curriculum renewal, new thinking in pedagogy, learning and teaching analytics, e-learning and quality assurance. An exemplary leader and strategist, he has been a key player in successfully implementing the RTO’s strategic plan 


To be recognised as a key European provider of strategic consulting for the development and execution of growth strategies across major European economies. To become a recognised European specialist in our sectors of expertise.

Our Vision

Become the most prominent boutique management consultancies firm regionally and globally, as well as the trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and organizations that are seeking to take the next steps in their development.

Our Mission

Deliver high-end specialized management consultancies services that are fit for purpose and designed to add value to our clients and genuinely assist them in achieving their strategic objectives.


  • To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities
  • We will undertake and deliver any project, regardless of size, which we pursue
  • To provide a differentiated offering resulting in value-for-value returns
  • We will have the financial strength required to support our business objectives
  • Remain a member-owned company

Core Values

Stanley’s core values represent our highest priorities and deepest-held beliefs. They lie at the heart of what we stand for and the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

INTEGRITY>> Stanley is a responsible corporate steward and ethical citizen. The health and reputation of our Company depends and thrives on trust, integrity, openness and fairness at all levels of the organization.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY>> Protecting the health, safety, welfare and sustainability of everyone involved in or affected by our operations is central to the way we perform work and conduct ourselves around the world.

EXCELLENCE>> Stanley Members pursue excellence in all we do, harnessing time, talent and resources to drive continuous improvement, repeatable innovation and exceptional quality.

MUTUAL SUCCESS>> Stanley holds our Client’s interests and needs paramount, building long-term relationships that enrich, enhance and deepen mutual trust, respect, value and success.

COMMITMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY>> Our Members are all committed to achieving, recognizing and celebrating success, with full authority and accountability for doing the right thing in the right way, every time.

MEMBERSHIP>> Member-Ownership lies at the heart of our culture, aligning client satisfaction, Company performance and personal reward, maintaining independence and objectivity and protecting our legacy.