Study in Sweden

Sweden, with its world-renowned universities, innovation hubs, and stunning landscapes, is an increasingly popular destination for Bangladeshi students seeking a high-quality education and a transformative international experience.

Sweden is a global leader in innovation, creating an environment that fosters cutting-edge learning and research opportunities.

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Why Study in Sweden?

Sweden boasts prestigious universities like Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, consistently ranking high in global university rankings.


Key Benefits

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Best Universities in Sweden

Lund UniversityÖrebro University
Uppsala UniversityJönköping University
Stockholm UniversityLuleå University of Technology
Karolinska InstituteMalmö University
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm School of Economics
Chalmers University of TechnologyDalarna University
University of GothenburgBlekinge Institute of Technology
Linköping UniversityUniversity West
Umeå UniversitySwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)


Scholarships Up To 585,000 SEK

Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality education, internationally ranked universities, English-taught programs, focus on innovation and research, vibrant student life, beautiful and safe environment.

Tuition fees vary by program and university, expect 80,000-300,000 SEK/year. Living expenses are around 8,000-12,000 SEK/month. Explore scholarships and part-time work options.

Vary by program, typically include transcripts, English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS), reference letters, and a personal statement. Some programs may require interviews or portfolios.

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