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Studying in Finland from Bangladesh offers an enriching and culturally diverse experience, coupled with world-class education standards and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Finland is renowned for its high-quality education system, innovative teaching methods, and emphasis on research and development.

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Why Study in Finland?

Studying in Finland can be a transformative experience that not only enhances your academic and career prospects but also fosters personal growth and cultural exchange. By following these steps and embracing the opportunities available, you can make the most of your educational journey in Finland.

Key Benefits

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Best Universities in Finland

Queens University BelfastUniversity of Hertfodshire
London South Bank UniversityDe Montfort Uni. of Leicester
Bangor UniversityRobert Gordon University
University of LawBPP University
University of South WalesUlster University
Northumbria UniversityUniversity of Roehampton
Ravensbourne University LondonRegent College London
Regent College LondonUniversity of Greenwich
Wrexham Glyndwr UniversityAnglia Ruskin University


Scholarships Up To €5,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Finland offers various scholarships and grants for international students, including those from Bangladesh.
Students should explore scholarship opportunities offered by the Finnish government, universities, and external organizations.

Once accepted into a Finnish university, students should apply for a student visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Finland in Bangladesh.
Visa requirements typically include proof of admission, financial resources, health insurance, and a valid passport.

Living expenses in Finland can vary depending on the city and lifestyle. Generally, students should budget for accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, and other personal expenses.
Part-time work opportunities are available for international students to help offset living costs.

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