CoursesBatch SizeDurationNo.of ClassesWhat Will We CoverRegular TariffDiscounted Tariff For Fair
IELTS-Regular Maximum 20
2.5 Months Each Session-120 Minutes30+6 (Review Classes)Reading-9 Classes, Writing-9 Classes
Speaking-6 Classes,Listening-6 Classes
19,000/-9,500/- With 2 Free Mock Tests
IELTS- Private/FnfMaximum 5 Learners 1.5 Months Each Session- 90 Minutes18+unlimited (Review Classes)Reading-9 Classes, Writing-9 ClassesSpeaking-6 Classes,Listening-6 Classes
60,000/-30,000/- With 2 Free Mock Tests
IELTS- For Professionals (Weekends) Fri & SatMaximum 20 Learners 2 Months Each Session- 135 Minutes24 Classes+ Review ClassesReading-7 Classes, Writing-7 Classes,
Speaking-6 Classes,Listening-6 Classes
17,000/- 8,500/-
IELTS - Crash Batch Size- 10-12Maximum 20 Learners1.5 Months Each Session- 120 Minutes18 Classes+ Review ClassesReading- 5 Classes, Writing-5 Classes,
, 4Classes,Listening- 4Classes
15000/- 7500/-
IELTS - One-on-ONeOne Learner1.5 Months Each Session- 90 Minutes20 + 6 (Review Classes)Reading-9 Classes, Writing-9 Classes,
Speaking -Classes,Listening-6 Classes
60,000/- 30,000/-
CoursesBatch SizeDurationNo.of ClassesWhat Will We CoverRegular TariffDiscounted Tariff For Fair
IELTS - GuaranteedMaximum 5 Learners6 Months Each Session-120 Minutes60+ (Review Classes)Reading-18 Classes, Writing-18 Classes
Speaking-12 Classes,Listening-12
Pre-IELTS Batch Size-10-15Maximum 20 Learners3.5 Months Each Session-90 Minutes60+12 (Review Classes)Reading-12 Classes, Writing-12 Classes
Speaking-10 Classes,Listening-10 Classes, Basics & Grammar-16
Spoken & Phonetics For Mediocre EntityMaximum 20 Learners1.5 Months Each Session-90 Minutes24 ClassesSituational Conversation , professional Conversation, Magic Structures & Patterns, Vocabulary,phonetics, Govt/Private Job Interview, Strong & Weak Verbs, Cue Cards 10000/-5000/-
Spoken & Phonetics
For Advanced Entity / Beautify Your English
Maximum 20 Learners2 Months Each Session-90 Minutes24 ClassesMagic Structures & patterns, Advanced Vocabulary, Advanced Phonetics, Analytical Conversation13000/6500/-